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Crowless Calyptica - [F]

Crowless is Owned by SoreWounds and has made 1 Chapters and 1 Stories
Rank: Nomadic Creature or human Nomads
Task: Healer
Elemental: Magic:
Users Status: Online


Referrer: Owner

Using any Bug points?::  No points

What group are you Choosing?: Slums

Species: Canine

Characters: Inika

Characters Name: Crowless "crow" Calyptica

Characters Age: 11 years old

Character's Sex::  ♀

Users PVP Alignment: Neutral

Appearance/Mutations?: extra fur - black body - white face with red eyes and black eye circles that top and end with dagger-like markings.

Awards: No awards nope.

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Karma Points:

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Bug Points: 0