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K'rajo [M]
7 hours ago   Ursüs  
Look at that you have figured out that you wanna come join us at Legends are tomorrow! After you have made sure your profiles are filled out to the best of your abilities - please copy the forum code inside this board area and make a new thread with your characters first name. You may also find Adoptables inside this board area as well as wanted ad's! Auditions will take up to 24 hours After it has been posted to be looked at and accepted. Please do not rush the staff to accept your profiles.
Nidelia's Test Center
Yesterday, 11:32 AM   Nidelia  
Nothing IC related should be posted inside this board area! Welcome to the Fun board! this is where all members can post any out of character related games. Duck duck goose - and even staff ran events will be posted and found within this board area. Member-based games please be sure to tag them as "M-G" in the subject titles so that staff will not accidentally delete them. OTMS - COTMS and more will be posted in here every month in their respective thread locations. Staff run games/events will be restarted every 1 week before the end of the month and restart the first week of the new following month.

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Whos Whos Update
3 hours ago   Damian  
Please read guidebook Got the updating itch? Fell behind on tasks? Need updating on a profile? Perhaps just wanting to get those Bones!? Well inside here is the best place to go and get that itch taken care of. Anything Maintenance wise will and can be found here - can't find it? Ask a staff member and they will help direct you to the right path to take. Be sure to follow each guideline for posting any updating requirements for your profiles.
We are open for Affiliate spots! Due to the volume of spam posting - our boards require just a password.
PassWord: LegendaryGuests
All advertising agents from other websites - please keep to 1 post every month as we recycle this area at the end of each month. Do not double post your advertisements. Please do not stretch or break our board with your posts - if so happens we will remove the said post and message the site about it.

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